N-DreW = AnDrEw

 Andrew is a name derived from an Old Greek word –   ‘ανήρ/άνδρος’ ‘aner/andros’, meaning  “manly” and, as consequence, “strong” and “courageous“. Many people mistaken it as a “Western” name but it is actually not, together with the name Paul, John, Peter, etc.

 Andrew is also one of the Biblical Character – one of the 12 apostles of Jesus and a Fisherman by profession.

 I think the meaning of the name really suits me…… You know MANLY and COURAGEOUS…….. Ahemp *Cough*Cough*  ~WINKS~

Currently studying in UTMIC,KL (University Technology Malaysia International Campus, Kuala Lumpur). Sounds so Canggih right…but it’s actually not at all. Hee.. Majoring in Human Resource Development. So basically what we do is researching on Human’s Brain and see what’s went wrong with it, then try to develop a Brand New, Fresh, Warm, Cheesy and Juicy Brain. You know la, nowadays people are like getting viruses and getting a lot of Brain Damage.

 E.g: While some trying to “Install” what does not naturally seems belong to them on their body parts, some others are trying to “Discard” what naturally seems belong to them. Weird huh?? That’s why my course is a Noble course… Kekekekez…   What??! Don’t understand?? Go ask Mr.Google la… XD

I can be really serious at times….

But most of the time i can be a Nuthead… LOL…

Quoted from Facebook profile : 

AnDrEwLeE = GOD + FaRmeeLeE + FWren + MooSic + TehKuanToll + For2Crapfee ~~ My laif is As Pimple as That~ 🙂Oh..wif a PhD in Sepelleng too..

God, Family n Frens is wat i’m abt!!”           


Sekian Terima Kasih, Thank you very much!




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