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This is what usually my family will have whenever dad brings home those Lovely Durians! We will have it together with plain white rice and this simple combination is enough to be a great meal! ~Liu-LiansSS~ ~You just couldn’t resist … Continue reading

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Apollo Morning Market

I have been living in this neighborhood for 20 years till i go to Kuala Lumpur to study. It’s a famous local morning market where it sells practically everything from all kinds of meat and vege, different types of local delicacies, fruits … Continue reading

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鸡腿面线药材汤(Herbal Chicken Noodle Soup)

鸡腿面线药材汤(Herbal Chicken Noodle Soup)~~ Yummy!! Hee… Thanks Mom again for preparing such delicious dinner for me!

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Mom and her Lovely Sunday School Kids!

I would like to dedicate this album to my MOM. She has been serving in the Sunday School for many years as a Teacher for the little kids.. It’s not an easy task to take care and teach all these … Continue reading

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A Meal filled with Love and Warmth!

虽然只是粗茶淡饭, 简单的一碟炒肉, 豆干, 皮蛋 和 粥, 但它可是我在吉隆坡大学生涯中最美味的一餐! 一顿充满爱心及很窝心的一餐! 妈,谢谢你!! Though it may be a very simple meal.. But it is probably the best meal i ever had in My Uni life in KL! A meal that is full with Warmth … Continue reading

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Fire Drill??

  FireDrill = *A Total Waste Of Time* Well… at least in the case of the Uni i’m studying. It’s suppose to be educational, but what happened was…. “The ring rang… Electricity cut… Forced to go down to the field… … Continue reading

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