My Personal Favourite Photos of 2011

These are some of my favourite images that i took over a period of One year time in 2011. Due to a discount offered by Photobook Malaysia through, which cost only RM48 for a 40pages of photobook + RM12 for delivery charges, i have made a spontaneous decision to compiled them in a photobook. I have always wanted to print out my images and keep it, i find this is a perfect opportunity for me to do so. Thus, i did it!

It’s quite a Journey when i flash back my Photography’s Adventures. Buying a DSLR on December 2010 is the First Big step towards some amazing photos making opportunity. I was so eager to buy it at first due the HK trip that i went during Jan 2011, so that i can take some nice photos ma.. 

I was caught up with photography when i started to use a camera phone in University, then the passion was intensify greatly after a Photography Workshop in a Cam in Cameron. I waited gruesomely and researched tremendously before i finally get my hand on a DSLR! After much funding of course!

Photography has given me a lot of pleasure and a new mean of expressing myself. It is part of my life now. Thank God for his grace and mercy that i will be able to own a camera and capture the wonders created by HIM! Hope i can continue to make more quality photographs.

These images are taken with DSLR, Compact Point & Shoot camera as well as Film too.

Hope Yall Enjoy it!

hard cover

The Hard Cover is very well made.

The Binding is nicely done too..

I’m very pleased with the print quality and the paper quality as well. The images are sharp and the color is perfect!









































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