Hong Kong Trip – Day 4

Today is a day jam packed full with lot of places to visit! I think we walk like 30km in a day! Haha..

Well, the main attraction that we visited is as below:

1) The Golden Flower Square in Wan Chai

2) Stanley

3) Causeway Bay

4) Admiralty

Fasten your seat belt and get ready for the Journey!!

We woke up quite late so we have our Brunch at 標记烧猪王 (Piu Kei Rosted Pig King XD) Restaurant. It’s just somewhere near the neighborhood where we stayed in Tseun Wan. They serve some very nice Roasted Dishes.

I have always hear great things about the Roasted Goose Rice before i came to HK. So how can i miss it here?! I ordered Roasted Goose Drumstick Rice that cost me HKD58!! It’s around RM25! I guess it’s the most expensive Roasted Dish i had! But it is worth it? You bet! Look at the next pictures!

Oh my Gosh… Even though it’s just plain rice with the infamous Roasted Goose.. Top with the Sour sweet sauce that came with it.. It tastes Fantabulous! The texture of the meat is just like the Hybrid of Duck and Lamb! Superb! It’s quite a large drumstick and the rice served is more than adequate for two starving man! Worth it or not?? Oh hell yeah!!

I wonder why i couldn’t find this Roasted Goose in Malaysia. We only have Roasted Duck to the closest. I will certainly miss it a lot! Oh my… I’m missing it now already!

Shin Yi ordered Wantan Mee. Nothing special on the soup or mee.. but the Wantan taste quite good with big prawn in it!

Chinese Sausages!

After finish our Brunch, we heard towards Tsim Sha Tsui to get on the Star Ferry. On the way there, we saw this group of people quarreling very loud in the middle of the street as if someone’s killed! Look at the White Hoodie lady pointing at the lady who doesn’t seems to care? She is scolding her like hell! The cleaning lady joined the fight as well. I think it has something to do with that lady in dark shirt stealing something off the shop. That’s why i heard that they are threatening to call the police. It’s quite a scene i would say.

The entrance to The Star Ferry.

The Star Ferry can take you to two pier. One towards Wan Chai and another route is toward the Central. We took the Tsim Sha Tsui-Wan Chai route. Refer to the map below:

The waiting area. It kinda reminds me of Penang Ferry Pier as well.

The Interior of the Ferry and people getting out.

This is how the Ferry looks like.

Once the Ferry docked at the Harbor, just some very short walking distance and we came across this very symbolic statue – The Golden Bauhinia.

The Golden Bauhinia Square (Chinese: 金紫荊廣場) is an open area in North Wan Chai, Hong Kong. The square was named after the giant statue of a golden Bauhinia blakeana at the centre of the area, situated outside the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, where the ceremonies for the handover of Hong Kong and the establishment of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region was held in July 1997. A flag-raising ceremony is held every day at 8:00am. It is considered a tourist attraction.

The sculpture, a gilded flower bauhinia, is 6 meters high. The major part is composed of a bauhinia on a base of red granite pillar on a pyramid.

The sculpture is deemed an important symbol for the Hong Kong people after reunification. On the second day of Chinese New Year and National Day of the People’s Republic of China, the square is lighted up by a firework show.

(Taken from Wikipedia)

To be honest… It is not a very beautiful statue.. kekez..

Well… after some shutter frenzy at The Golden Bauhinia Square, we went on exploring the place and head towards the exchange square in Central.

We walked along the Flemming Road, passed Wan Chai MTR and stop at a Tram station in Johnston Road.

It’s really cool taking a ride on this over 100 years young tram! It’s a double stories tram, very slim and tall which makes me kinda worried that i will fall somehow.. haha.. silly me! Just pay HKD 2 and you are good to go!

This is a pedestrian bridge in the central.. and yes.. it’s really wide and lots of people walking on it! Everywhere in the Central is busy!

Some protests is going on in front of a building. I think it has something to do with the Economic crisis or Hong Kong finances. They are able to do it openly with a loud hailer and drumming..  Best part is Police are there to protect and watch over them. You would never see this in Malaysia. They will probably be shot to death if they are in Malaysia.

Police watching over the protesters. How i wish Malaysia could be like that.

It took us awhile to finally reach the exchange square – Bus Terminus 1&2 where you can take buses to many destinations. It is kinda like a Bus Central. We took the bus 6X which would lead us to our next destination – Stanley! The signboard above shows you the different buses that you could take to the destination you wish.

It’s around 2:20p.m now.

Yes, you read it right.. We are heading towards Stanley Prison! Haha.. It’s what Stanley is famous for anyway.. But we are not going to visit the prison, we are not allowed to even if we like to!

It’s quite a journey travelling to Stanley from Central.. It took us almost an hour! We had some rest during the journey. We reached there around 3:10p.m.

It’s a small and quiet town. Not much cars and people around. Definitely nothing like that frenzies in central that we encounter an hour ago.

A short walk and we came across this Pacific Coffee and decided to have some drinks after a long journey to recharge.

A very nice and cozy environment that i really like. Somewhat like Starbucks i would say.

I ordered “Strawberry Banana” that cost HKD34. Weird combination that i have never tasted before, but it tastes quite nice. Shin yi ordered a cup of coffee. One thing i really about cafes in Hong Kong is that they provide Free Internet Access with computer, not just WiFi access. We spent almost an hour there surfing the net! Looks like we really can’t be separated with the cyber world…

It’s 4p.m checked.

After recharging ourselves.. we begin our quest to explore the place 🙂 We took a walk to Stanley Market.

There are a lot of art work found there, and a lot of souvenir and many different things.

Feeling the Zen! Hee…

The Stanley Waterfront is a beautiful place. I like it being small and quiet.

This is the photo that i made it as my Photobook cover 🙂

There are some pubs and lounge along the Stanley Main Street. The items are quite expensive, hence i skip.

Night view of Stanley WaterFront.

I walk into an alley which seems to be the pathway to a park.

It’s getting very dark there already and i was walking alone, so i decided to just turn back.. Plus my starving stomach is calling on me! So i began my venture to search for food!

It was quite late already at around 8p.m, and most of the shops are closed! I’m really starving by then! Luckily after some walk around the corners of the streets, i found this New Star Restaurant with literally only me Alone there!

The menu have hundreds of dishes to choose from.. I always love beef so i ordered this Beef Vege Noodle.. And oh my… It’s really really very Delicious!! I still dream of it every now and then! The tender succulent beef, perfectly cook sauce, crunchy deep fried noodle and fresh vege just make the dish irresistible! I also ordered a Pineapple Punch, it’s just basically carbonated drink with pineapple in it. The drink doesn’t really go well with the dish. Both of them cost HKD 36 and HKD 20. Expensive but worth the price!

Having a meal in HK is generally quite expensive compared to Malaysia. But although they are expensive, the portion served is always large enough! In some cases, it might even be too large that one couldn’t finish it on his/her own!

After enjoying myself with a very satisfying meal.. I left Stanley and head towards Causeway Bay by bus. Somehow, i felt that going back take much faster time! Perhaps due to the bus that moved in a crazy speed!

The Time Square building in Causeway Bay.

It’s crowded with people in every corner of the streets!

City Cab anybody?

I find it interesting or rather funny that they hung these dry fishes in the middle of the street up high in front of their shop.

I just couldn’t resist to take a photo of this.

I take my own paste and slowly walk through each alley and corner of the streets to immerse myself into the culture and life of the locals.

That a very long queue of people waiting for bus!

I came across this Peterson Road which is famous with lots of Well known brand shops.

I bought a stick of Cow Inner parts that cost me HKD 8. Yummy! You can see this kind of stalls all around HK and they are really delicious! I love it!

HK police.. Seen them often in HK Dramas but not in real life XD

I’m done in Causeway Bay, look at the time, hmmm.. seems still early so i decided to stop at another place by MRT before heading back.

So i decided to stop at Admiralty – 金钟. Hmm… Where should i go? Which direction should i take?

With no particular place in mind to visit, i just walked around near the station.

There’s not much thing to see in Admiralty actually.. Just some big tall sky scrapper. I just snap some photos around the Harcout Garden right when i exit the station. People are getting a lot less in this part of town compared to Causeway Bay just now. So i decided to call it a day and head back.

Oh, i had some nice Mahjong session with Shin Yi and her granparents! I lost HKD2! Haha.. Enjoyed it 🙂

Today is a trip where i really stroll along the streets a lot! Most of the time i’m on the walk! And i really like it especially wandering around the town alone, at my own paste, took my own sweet time enjoying the surrounding and not bothering or worrying on anything. Observing and getting a sense of how HK life is… This is what i preferred.

A Summary of my itinerary on Day 4:

(This is exactly what i wrote on that day)

Day 4

  1. Brunch in “piu kei” – Roast Goose Drumstick Rice (HKD58) ! Yummy….
  2. Travel to Tsim Sha Tsui – Star Ferry – Wan Chai (The Golden Bauhinia Square)
  3. Walk all the way down Flemming Rd – pass Wan Chai Mtr – stop at a Tram Stop in Johnston Rd
  4. Took a tram to Central – stop at a station near Prince Bldg – walk to exchage square – Bus Terminus 1 & 2
  5. Took Bus 6X to Stanley (2.20p.m) – Stanley Bus Terminus(3.10p.m) – Pacific Coffee
  6. Strawberry Banana(HKD 34) – Online til 4pm (LOL) – walk around stanley market
  7. Went stanley water front take lots of photos– went up a mini temple (forgotten its name) – walk along Stanley main street and  took photoS again..kakaz. – Stanley plaza – back to Stanley street to makan(New Star Restaurant – choi yun ngau yok chau min + Pineapple punch HKD36+HKD20 Delicious!! )
  8. *Took a bus up to Causeway Bay – from Leighton Rd walk to Time Square – Walk to Sogo – Causeway Plaza 1 – percival street – Sino Plaza –Gloucester Rd – World Trade Centre – Fashion Walk – Peterson Street (Bought a  stick of Cow Inner part: Ngau Chap HKD8 Yummyy!!!!) – Causeway bay MTR Station
  9. Stop at Admiralty – Harcout Garden – Snap snap around the Garden – Feel like nothig much to see at nite – so go back station and Balik rumah.
  10. Have Mahjong session wif Shin yi’s granparents!! Naice! Lost 2dollars! Haha…

Total Expenses of the Day: HKD 122  (~RM60)

(Exclusive of transport fees)

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