Hong Kong – Day 3

Well, Halo to Day 3! Our plan is slightly changed as Shin yi’s Grandparents want to bring us along for breakfast – Dim Sum and meet his friends as well, which is perhaps one of my most memorable Breakfast ever!  Today Itinerary is very simple, two places:

1) Ngong Ping 360 in Lantau Island (Tai Yu Shan)


2) Tai-O Village.

This is because it’s quite a journey to travel from Tsuen Wan to there and there are quite some activities to explore as well.

This “good” granddaughter carrying her grandfather across the road.. hee XD Shin yi really loves her grandparents and vice versa as well, i can see that through how they interact. No surprise as her grandparents are indeed quite adorable! We fetched a taxi and went to Tsim Sha Tsui where we will be having Dim Sum breakfast there.

Let me tell you… The Dim Sum was Awesome!! Shin Yi’s Granpa orders TONS of very Delicious and Interesting food! They are simply mouthwatering! I’m the only “Young Guy” over there, so as expected i will have to eat more! So satisfying! Haha… Guess what.. The whole meal cost approximately 700 Ringgit Malaysia!! I’ve never had that expensive meal before in my lifetime!

After that Sumptuous breakfast, we begin our journey travelling to Lantau Island. Above is one of the MTR station which looks really grand and big.. Even better than Penang “International” Air Port XD

Hong Kong Seven Eleven with lots of product i’ve never seen before.

When we are preparing ourselves to HK, Shin Yi told me that it will be just as cold as Genting Highland, so a simple jacket will do. Oh my… when i was there it was SoO Cold! That is the coldest time in HK and that year it marked the Coldest Record – around 5’c – 6’c. So i bought myself a Sweater to keep me warm! It cost me HKD304 (~RM120).

Some protester’s banner found when we arrive at Tung Chung MTR Station.

The Ngong Ping 360 Cable Car. We chose the Crystal Cabin in which we can see through the bottom of the cable car as it is made of Glass. I would not recommend anyone to take that Crystal Cabin as it is more expensive and yet i don’t find it really interesting as well. Nothing much to see at the bottom, just some terrains and grass.

The Infamous  Tian Tan Buddha Statue.

Look how Small it is! XD

(Earn until become rich and buy Lamborghini!)

Write down your wish and hang it on the Magical Wishing Tree!

Which i don’t believe in 🙂

Some new statue displayed in front of the old statue XD

Cabins from different countries.

The Tian Tan Buddha Statue. A lot of fog and i couldn’t have a clear view on the face.

It’s quite an effort to climb up the Countless Stairs!

Current time: 5:10p.m

Coming rides: 5:15p.m

Next rides: 7:30a.m!!

After touring around and watched some shows in the Monkey theater which don’t really worth it as it is all computerized presentation, we decided to take a bus down to Tai O Village. 5:15p.m is the last bus down, so you would not want to be later than that.. We almost miss the bus as you can see on the time above.

It’s a very serene and quiet village unlike anything we’ve seen in the central Hong Kong which i really quite like it 🙂

When we are there it’s already quite late, so not much people around and most of the shop houses are closing.

They produces some nice sea products.

Very traditional local businesses can still be found here.

That really looks scarry!

Hongkie really loves to play Mahjong!

We met this very nice old man when we are looking for a toilet! haha.. He is so kind to show us where’s the toilet and where to find some food for our dinner. On the way walking to the “restaurant”, he told us a lot of stories about the village and its history as well. He is a retired English Teacher and loves to meet people/travelers from around the world. He talks to them and make friends with them. They send him post cards and news paper from all over the world. Cool right!

Time to take a bus back to Tung Chung Station.

We’ve just missed a bus, gotta wait another 36mins for another ride.

It’s definitely very cold out there!

I’ve never seen Watsons written in Mandarin before.. Kekez..

Oo.. South Africa’s Abalone anybody??

On the way back we stop by a restaurant where Shin yi had a bowl of Sesame Seed Paste just like the pic shown above. Not very tasty to be honest.

So here we end our Third day 🙂


  1. Jacket  HKD 304
  2. Mentos  HKD 8.20
  3. Ngong Ping Crystal Cabin Ticket  HKD 118
  4. Monkey theater  HKD 36
  5. Dinner in Tai O Village  HKD 20
  6. Reload Octopus Card  HKD 100
  7. Miscellaneous HKD 32

Total Expenses: HKD 618.2  (~RM247)

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One Response to Hong Kong – Day 3

  1. PriscillaLim says:

    It’s been so long i didn’t see someone wrote my name as Shin Yi d…
    First of all, Eh wat do you mean by “good” granddaughter ya?!! I’m indeed GOOD or PERFECT k!!hehe…
    In fact, last year is the first time i felt so cold in hk..previously i just wore a normal jacket..
    For your info, that’s the normal price for a meal if u eat in tat kind of restaurant in HK..
    Miss my grandparents & d food!!!haha…

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