Renewal of Passport in just ONE hour!!

I really feel like i need to blog about this!

Ok ok… here the story goes:

Once upon a time on 4 Jan 2012, far far away in a land call Kuala Lumpur… A Boy name Andrew wants to renew his passport which will be due on 10 August 2012 as he would like to apply for the New Zealand Working Holiday Visa that is open for register on that very day as well. He did some research prior of renewing his passport a day before and found out that a machine/kiosk call KiPPas (Kios Pembaharuan Passport/Malaysian Passport Renewal Kiosk) can be used to renew the passport and avoid all those gruesome mental tiring queuing that will kill even the most healthy young man like me. 

Wangsa Maju Immigration Department

(Image taken from Google)

Upon his delight, he also found out that the nearest immigration office (Wangsa Maju Branch) from his hostel (which is around just 5mins away) also has that KiPPas Kiosk! Further research shows that the machine will operate from 8.30a.m to 4p.m, while some claim that it might be open earlier around 7.30a.m. So he take a good time in the middle and plan to go at 8a.m.

To his dismay, when he woke up in the morning it was already 8.20a.m! Haha… Reluctantly woke up from his bed, prepared himself and off him go to the Wangsa Maju Immigration Office at 9a.m. When he reached there, there was already a Sea of People queuing outside the gate. With much excitement and anticipation, he search for the KiPPas Kiosk. The envelope needed for the Kiosk application is no where to be found around it, and a sign instructed that it is to be taken at Counter 1…. Which literally HUNDREDS of people queuing  behind it. =.=

Just to give you some rough idea of how it looks like.. The people was actually more than this with a lot more people standing around!

(Image taken from Google)

(Image taken from Google)

So he “pura-pura” stands in front at the row of  “Senior Citizen” lane and “attack” the attendant once he saw the opportunity. Replied by the attendant: ” Sorry, the Kiosk here is no longer functioning“.. ???!!??! What??!! He took a look around the office, the people waiting and queuing is just…Amazingly A Lot!! The queue to take the number alone is extended a few miles away out the main gate! It will surely needs to take a few hours from queuing to completing the process. WAITING (crazily) is definitely what he hates most!

It looks something like this:


(Image taken from Google)

On a second look, there’s a sign stuck on the glass door of that Kiosk indicated that it has been moved to another place call Kementerian Dalam Negeri, Wilayah Persekutuan located at Sri Hartamas. A Google Map and some instruction for direction is shown. Therefore, he decided to go there and try his luck on the KiPPas Kiosk hopefully found functioning there. He took the LebuhRaya DUKE (Duta-Ulu Kelang Highway) as he remember seeing the place – Sri Hartamas a numerous time when he traveled along that highway.

Just after around 15 minutes (at around 9.50a.m) of travelling on his nearly broken, old and pathetic motorbike, he found the intended place without much effort though there’s a small wrong turn at a junction which quickly to be realized and head on the correct direction.

(Obviously not taken by me)

(Sorry for the terrible image quality as it was taken from my crappy camera phone)

(Sorry for the terrible image quality as it was taken from my crappy camera phone)

It was a very big building, new, clean, organized, modern and very spacious as well. Very quickly he found the Kiosk. There are four machine altogether and very little people queuing there. Well, what you need to get the process done using the machine is:

  1. ONE photocopy of your ID Card.
  2. ONE copy of your passport size photo with Blue Background.
  3. Your OLD passport.
  4. Prepare a PEN (just in case none is provided and you do not need to beg around for one)
  5. Money $$$ (RM100 = 2 years; RM300 = 5 years). You will be able to include your current remaining valid dates only if you apply for 5 years. For example my case: I applied on 4 JAN 2012 and my passport is Due 10 AUG 2012. My new Expired Date is 4 JUL 2017 instead of 4 Jan. That wouldn’t be the case if i only opt for 2 years.

NOTE: Only RM50 and RM100 note is accepted for the machine.

The process that he has gone through to complete the application using the machine:

  1. Take an envelope specifically designed for the machine that can be found nearby.
  2. Fill in your details on the envelope
  3. Put your “ONE IC photocopy and ONE passport size photo” into the envelope
  4. Proceed to the machine
  5. Select Preferred Language
  6. Insert “Old” passport — [1]
  7. Insert IC –[5]
  8. Finger Print verification requested — [3]
  9. Remove your Passport and IC
  10. Verified your information
  11. Affirm your height
  12. Make payment by inserting either RM50 or RM100 Notes. — [4]
  13. Put your “Old Passport” into the envelope that you have prepared earlier along with the photo and copy of IC.
  14. Insert the envelope into the machine. — [2]
  15. Print the receipt out
  16. DONE!

It looks like a lot of steps, but trust me.. It took him just 5mins to queue for the machine and another 5mins to complete the process with the machine! It’s effortless! There’s also a very friendly, cheerful and helpful officer stationed there to assist ordinary folks like me! It should be Applauded for their Excellent and Attentive services which is RARE in Government Service (unfortunately).

(Sorry for the terrible image quality as it was taken from my crappy camera phone)

The receipt shows that the process is completed at 10.01a.m which is just around 10mins since he walked into the building! Impressive! There’s an instruction on the receipt that the applicant has to be back ONE hour (which is 10.59a.m as indicated) later to request for a queuing number. YES! You read me right! It’s ONLY after ONE hour!!

Upon waiting, he drove his “Pathetic” motorbike out and took his breakfast nearby at a very modern style Mamak Restaurant. While enjoying his “Roti Telur + Roti Kosong, a glass of Teh Tarik Panas and some American Football match on ESPN“, the time past so fast that it was 10.49a.m already. After he paid the bill, off he went back to the Complex.

After he did his important “business” in the very clean toilet, he went and take the queuing number at the dedicated counter 29 (it was 11.01a.m). To his surprise, after only a few minutes of patiently sitting and waiting, his number was called! And within a few Magical Seconds of just verifying finger prints and signature, the New and Fresh passport is being handed to him!! The Whole Waiting and Getting the passport is NOT more than 15Mins!! The Clock ticked at only 11.13a.m when he looked at his phone!

Can you believe it??! Applying for Passport or Renewing it used to take DAYS to process! Then shrink down to few hours… and now just merely ONE hour! Isn’t it Amazing?! The officers was very friendly, cheerful, attentive, helpful, efficient and professional! The place was new, clean, organized, spacious and modern! Nearby are a lot of shop houses where you could spend your waiting time enjoying a meal or just some window shop! My experience of Renewing my Passport couldn’t be any more pleasant than THIS! I was thoroughly Satisfied and Smile all the way back to my hostel! (Obviously that boy is Yours Truly la! XD)

Therefore i HIGHLY recommend anybody who plans to renew or even to register for a new passport to go to the Kementerian Dalam Negeri Kompleks, Wilayah Persekutuan at Sri Hartamas. Of course provided that you are in KL. If not, do look for that KiPPas Kiosk at  your respective State Immigration Office.

Cheers for a Good Day!! 🙂

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20 Responses to Renewal of Passport in just ONE hour!!

  1. delp5029 says:

    haven’t seen u posting quite long already… ^^

    • N-DreW says:

      Hey~ Really glad to hear from you 🙂 Yah, it’s been some time.. Busy with Uni stuff plus growing syndrome of Laziness… That’s why… Haha.. How are you doing? Wish you a Blessed New Year and all the best in your undertaking 🙂

      • delp5029 says:

        Good luck! I have just done my STPM, few months of results-waiting really makes me insane. haha. Now lenggang2 at my dad’s shop. lol.
        Anyway, Happy Chinese New Year in advance. Hehe.

  2. J_Fish says:

    That was really helpful. =D Thought I’m not going to renew my passport soon, this would come in handy someday. =)

  3. Priscilla Lim says:

    hey, i think the guidelines u stated here is very detail compare to all those government websites..=P
    keep update ur blog bro!!Enjoy reading ur blog!! if ur laziness syndrome recur please do tell me, i’m more than willing to help out~ =P
    All d best!!

    • N-DreW says:

      Hey sis! Haha… My sudden excitement propelled me to write these long articles in one breath. Lol..

      Glad to know that you like it! Reali?? Then can you be the co-director of my blog ar? To help me post stuff? Haha..

      Will surely post more right after my final exam, there’s a lot of things to be shared 🙂

  4. kalrsi says:

    Hey Ndrew.. Just wondering.. is there any photo shop in the complex? I mean, a place to snap new passport size photos for the use in the renewing machine.

    • N-DreW says:

      Hi Kalrsi.. There’s a photobooth in the complex right beside the immigration office where you would apply your passport. I’m sure you wouldn’t miss it as people are always found queuing there. I think it is a self-automated machine.

      I would suggest that you prepare the photo in advance to avoid unnecessary queue as it may take quite some time. Good luck to you 🙂


  5. yfong says:

    A Good experience & sharing!

  6. Steven Lee says:

    I just renewed my passport at the immigration dept in seberang jaya the old fashion way without the kiosk but it also only took one hour. The staff there were also friendly, efficient and prompt in doing their duties. Kudos to the staff there!!

    • N-DreW says:

      Hey dad! I’m glad that you had a pleasant experience renewing your passport too! Didn’t know that the old fashion way is so fast nowadays! Guess the service has vastly improved across the country.. At least for the place that we have visited 🙂

  7. Jennifer says:

    hi N-drew, I’m just a random passer by who saw this post by google searching result about ‘wangsa maju immigration office” . Really glad to hear that there is such a nice and efficient place (Kementerian Dalam Negeri Kompleks) for making a passport. And glad to hear you renew your passport pleasantly =)

    I’m wondering if there is public transport like taxi station or bus station nearby Kementerian Dalam Negeri Kompleks? you know… just in case I able to leave the complex (not by walking, seriously) to the nearest Sentul ktm station.

    It’s my first time of applying a passport, can I use this Kiosk as well?

    Thanks and appreciated.

    • N-DreW says:

      Hi Jennifer! Nice to hear from you and thanks for visiting this blog post 🙂 I went there by my bike, so i’m not that aware of the public transport facilities. Sorry as i couldn’t remember if there’s any bus/taxi station nearby. There’s quite a good traffic flow there, i think you can get a taxi quite easily by the roadside.

      The Kiosk is only for renewing purposes. If this is your first time applying for the passport, you will not be able to use the Kiosk. Hope this help you abit 🙂

  8. Johne115 says:

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  9. Bennett Dolph says:

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