The After-Effect of Plan11 (Reaffirming God’s Calling)

During 31st Aug – 3 Sep, i went to a conference in Port Dickson organized by Malaysian Center for Global Missions (MCGM) which is The Plan11 Conference held once every two years!

It is a mission oriented conference where there are some full packed of programs ready to help stretch our Vision for God, Stretch our Heart for People and Stretch our Capacity to bring forth His work. Many practicing missionaries from various fields are there to help inspire the new generation and ignite the passion within.

In short, i must say that this conference is indeed an eye-opening exposure for me where i’m being exposed to various opportunities and some real missionary stories as well. I’ve contact with these wonderful people personally, listening to their hardship as well as their reverence for God.

This conference do really inspire, encourage and motivate me to DO something! Stop Procrastinating and Just Do It!! God uses this conference to reaffirm His calling upon me.

Before this, many people thought that by doing mission, we have to go either Africa, Zimbabwe or some remote countries and the end of the world!! It is certainly not now… God has given me a Heart for Malaysia. I love Malaysia as what it is, I love the People of Malaysia, I love my Family and i love my Friends.

I used to think like how the other thousands of Malaysian think, where we long to leave this country as soon as possible and migrate to U.S, U.K or some other places. But God share His vision with me of how Unique Malaysia is to Him, How important and How much HE cares for Malaysia! Malaysia alone is a Giant Mission Field and there a plenty of opportunities lying all over Malaysia to carry out HIS work, we just have to open our eyes and heart to look for them. And thanks GOD….that HE has open up my eyes to see this.

I used to condemn the Over-Flowing of Foreigners into our country especially when i witness it myself in Central Market – Pude area where the Mind-boggling numbers of foreigners trigger my repulsive nature against it. I’m not against the foreigners themselves.. I’m against the poor policy and control of government in handling the amount of foreigners in.

Again, God envisioned me that all this is part of HIS Master Plan and HIS wisdom reflects through this so call “Poor Policy” that i used to think. When i think carefully and more thoroughly, i’m just amazed in how GOD can actually work through situation where we think it’s against us… Look at the amount of foreigners again! How many of them are reached? How many of them have heard the Good News?? God has already help to lessen our burden by bringing them in instead of us going out to the end of the world to carry out HIS mission. We have Filipino, Bangladeshi, Nepalese, Siamese, Burmese, Myanmar, Middle Eastern, Indonesian, African, Malawian, so on and so forth.. You name it and they are here!! God brings all of them here!! 

God brings them to Malaysia for a reason, because Malaysia is an Unique and very strategic place to  DO HIS work! Malaysia has actually quite a strong support of Christian community and Missionary works. We are a country that is economically and politically stable and are consider well to do. Most importantly, we are also a place that has Freedom of Worship! Unlike some other places where mission is or even praising God is strictly prohibited, it may be a matter of prosecution and works like these has to be carried out underground.

# I’m thrilled and are eager to unveil more of God’s plan in-store for Malaysia.. I’m excited to hop on this journey with the Lord and see how God would steer us towards HIS direction in bringing the nation back to HIM and celebrate victory with Him! I pray and i envision the day to come… God Bless this Nation. Amen.

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