My comments in a photography forum :)

All these photos are not taken by me.. It’s from a photography forum (photomalaysia) where one of the forumer posted these pictures and ask for comments and criticism. So somehow i feel inspired to write down some quite lengthy comments for him.. hee… Below are the pictures and follow by my comments. Just to share la… XD



Just my personal opinion here. I don’t really see much depth in your pictures. What great about them is that you have a good looking model, period.

Composition wise is still lacking something soulful, intriguing and provoking elements in it.. You could learn to instruct the model for better pose – more sexy, connecting, charisma & etc.

I realize that most of the photos are taken from only one level of perspective, may be you could shot from above, below… and had the model to interact with some of the objects,surrounding you could find… as most of your photos are of the same background which makes it quite monotonous.. Choices of background is essential too!

One more thing, may be it’s just me. I found that i don’t really appreciate photos that are slanted except some that are meant for creative purposes and have been executed perfectly. To be honest to say that i do not find that in your photos. I found all the slanted or tilted photos to be quite difficult to view/focus and somehow…just don’t feel right.

Oh another one, regarded to composition. For the second pic, if you could place your model on the right and leave more space on the left, the whole picture will look more balance. As the model is looking left, and if you still put her in the far end of left,just right beside the border of the frame… it will seems like she’s going to fall off the left end.. or fall “out” of the frame.. thus creating the sense of imbalance.. Positioning your subject in the frame is crucial and should be very careful about that.

As i continue to grow in photography, i do not concentrate on technical part too much anymore. It is because i realize that if your photos are not appealing, interesting, creative,soulful, etc enough… No matter how technically good your photos are, they are still not worthwhile or just plain dull… I speak of this is not because i’m good at it, it’s because i realize the importance of it and is still striving to master it…

Sorry if i did not put my choices of words good enough, but i meant for a good and sincere purposes.

Cheers mate and lets improve our photography skills more together 🙂

Best Regards, Andrew

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4 Responses to My comments in a photography forum :)

  1. Delphina says:

    nice! i mean the comments~ haha. agree to what you’ve mentioned. ^^

  2. -wil- says:

    damn the model is hot!

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