My First Roll of Film Photos!

I’ve finally got my first roll of film photos back! Well….. to be honest i’m not that excited when i looked at the photos at first sight. Infact, i was kinda Disappointed. The quality of photos seems to be very deteriorated and most of them barely usable. I actually really like the feel of film photos but unfortunately it does not work out the way i expected, as i’ve seen many photos taken by the same camera and lens and the same film as well, they are really beautiful, clear and sharp! But mine was kinda flat, dull, blurry and gone hay-wire

There might be several reasons that i currently could think of to the image quality below:

1) There are occurrences of light leak resulted in some white and red patch thingy as you can see from the photos below such as #4, #7, #10, #12,#13 #24-#32 (most of the photos i would say!!)

2) The image are seriously Underexposed! It can be my fault as i’m only using ASA 200 film and shoot mostly indoors, light may not be sufficient under those circumstances. OR the camera exposure metering is Incorrect or whatever camera malfunction issues…

3) The lens itself need to be Cleaned, Calibrated and Serviced! It’s an Old Lens with approximately more than 40 years of age. So some service or repair may have to be done.

4) Simply my poor skills!

5) A combination of them all!

There may be many other explanations that i’m not aware of as i’m just starting to dive into the realm of Film Photography with Analogue Camera.

One thing for sure, i will NOT just give up like this! I’ll send it to repair as soon as i have the $$$ to do so.. Learn in every way possible to get it right!!

( Note: Photos below are just simply snapshot as i was very eager to see what’s the result of this film and how well did the camera performs)










# 10





# 15






# 21












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  1. Delphina says:

    a full support from me!!! ^^

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