Yashica Electro 35 GTN – My first Rangefinder and Film Camera!!

After venturing myself into the beautiful world of photography, i’ve been doing extensive amount of research on cameras, techniques and so on. The more i explore, the more i’m astonished by the many different types of camera that we normal daily folks have no idea of what they are! Or even if we come across it, we would barely notice it and just ignore it… In a way, i’m like a photo radar being extra sensitive towards camera and gears!

In my exploration in photography, i found that many people nowadays are still using analogue camera such as Manual SLR, Rangefinder, TLR and so on that uses different format of Film as the medium for capturing the image. I began to gain interest in film and trying to understand more of these cameras. As i got into it more and more, i realize that i have already couldn’t take it out of my mind, i was practically intoxicated by those sexy and very seductive –  Classic Vintage Camera! I’ve always been fond to something classic, no exception for camera as well! They are literally “Drugs“!! Hahahaha…

So i came across to this very popular model as are highly appraised by those Film lovers. I gotta tell you, i knew that I’ve felt in love the very first sight since i saw “Her” in the internet!! So one day i decided to take the plunge and buy one myself, and Woalaa!! Here is my handsome Yashica Electro 35 GTN with a 45mm f1.7 Colour Yashinon lens! Look how sexy it is!! I bought this beauty from a fellow Lowyat forumer at a bargain price and in a pristine condition! I bought the correct combination of batteries and tested it… so happy am i knowing that it works like a Charm!! As this is already a model that is more than 40 years old!

(Just ignore the poor execution of the photos below, as i do not have the appropriate equipment to do so. I do not have a tripod, flash light, and most important of all…. I do not have skills to do so! Kekekekez…)

Ok… let me try to talk a little bit more on this camera.

What is a Rangefinder camera?? Go ask Uncle Google… hee…

Look at this! I just cant stop it… the Black version a.k.a GTN is superbly sexy as oppose to the Chrome version a.k.a GSN. Yashiuca Electro GTN is said to be rarer as mostly you will only find GSN or the chances of finding GSN is significantly more than GTN. As you can see, the front crinkled body of the camera is actually leatherette coating, a very fine and smooth finishing.

The lens is a ColourYashinon 45mm DX f1.7 lens, a very fast and quality lens! It’s a fixed lens though, not interchangeable. Rangefinder that comes with an interchangeable lens ability also comes with a Massive Prive Tag! I’m lucky to have the Made in Japan Version rather than in HK.

The body is very well made! Very robust and solid to hold in my hand as it is mostly metal construction. Feel quite heavy too. It may seems that it is a quite compact camera but it’s actually not! It is almost as Big as my Canon EOS 60D with 50mm f1.8 on!

A rather Side view of the camera. On the side there’s a ring attached to the camera body for camera strap.

This is the Top View of the camera. Starting from the most left is the Film Expore Counter (with battery checker), follow by Shutter Release Button, Film Advance Lever, ASA Film Speed Setting Ring, Red & Yellow Warning Arrow, Hot Shoe and Film Rewind Knob.

As for the Lens: the inner most circle is the Focusing Ring, followed by the Self Timer, Aperture Ring, Exposure Control (flash mode, auto mode & bulb mode) and finally the Taking Lens itself.

The Sexy Back! A simple View Finder, Battery Check Button and the Serial Number beside.

*The Film Chamber*


SaifulThe Camera Collector. I bought this handsome camera from him. He is just the same age as me. Nowadays, we can rarely see young people who appreciates classic and vintage stuff.. Glad that i met him.

~Thanks For Viewing~


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7 Responses to Yashica Electro 35 GTN – My first Rangefinder and Film Camera!!

  1. Delphina says:

    wow, it’s super great! (wish i have one too, wakaka~)

    • N-DreW says:

      Yah! It’s indeed a very sexy and handsome camera!! I cant stop but looking at it and playing around with it even though i still do not have film in it haha..

      You can actually look for it in Ebay, lelong.com or Mudah.com.my as well… Sometimes they will these camera on sale… 🙂

      Can’t wait to shoot a few roll of film d! hee…

  2. PriscillaLim says:

    why can’t i see d detailssss as u said?=P

    • N-DreW says:

      Wah… you guys are really quick! Lol… I still havent completed it at the time you comment as i was very eager to show it to my friend. Hee… Now here it the complete version.. 🙂

  3. 岁月如歌 says:


  4. cynthvinXynth says:

    hey there,

    can i know what is his contact number/email? im interested to get one from him as i heard from him in other forums 🙂

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