Bukit Bintang a.k.a StarHiLL (Light Trail)

Again, in the midst of my final exam… yah final exam.. Lol.. My friend Zeen Wei called me up asking me to shoot in Bukit Bintang and i was so thrilled about it that i immediately said yes! Really nice to have friends who have the same hobby as you, so that we could share the passion and go out photo shoot together. Shooting alone in the big busy street is kinda weird though.Β 


We actually went up to the LRT station platform to take this long exposure shot. Not the perfect place for perfect view actually, but that’s the only place we know of and could go at that particular time. We took quite a long time up there to experiment with our shots as the traffic flow were very inconsistent and that affects the light trail. We even met a very cool guy up there who happen to see us taking some shots and decided to come to us and say Hi as he is also into photography. Camera setting is as below:

Focal Length: 18mm

ISO: 100

Aperture: f22

Shutter speed: 6~10

(Above settings applied to most of the long exposure shots i took)


We walk across the street and stand right in the middle of a tiny platform in the middle of the roads with two way traffic to capture this.


A wider angle of view to showcase the busy traffics in Bukit Bintang.


A colour version to show the beautiful light trail


This crazy kid a.k.a Zeen Wei really tak takut mati! Lol.. See how near he is to the cars passing by 100km/h! That’s how close we are to capture those shots.. and i think we are still not close enough… Hmmm… hee…

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6 Responses to Bukit Bintang a.k.a StarHiLL (Light Trail)

  1. Delphina says:

    really nice to have a fren who is the same “species” as u… hehe. i think i’ve been 2 the place b4, but never thought of stopping by n take pictures… == looking forward to your future “products”. ^^

    • N-DreW says:

      Lol… yah, i’m really glad to have a friend who can go photo shooting together. Shooting alone sometimes can be boring and having a companion gives you the motivation to shoot more!

      I’m planning to go around that area afternoon sometimes for some street shooting as the bustling streets pack with lots of people and action.

      My products?? Haha… Just a humble piece of work that require tons of improvement. Hope i have more time to shoot.

      Thanks for dropping by so frequently and your wonderful comments! Love your blog as well πŸ™‚

      Best Regards,

  2. Delphina says:

    well, i just happened to be blog surfing n came through ur blog. n i really find it interesting. (coz i love nice photos^^)
    i have to keep following ur blog so dat i’m not left out, u know? haha.
    as for my blog, it’s really nothing compared to yours. ><
    my photos are still million steps away. haha. n i'm not dat confident to snap pictures on people yet. (takut dibelasah==) anyhow, i'll keep it up n +u de. hehe. u too.

  3. seawind says:

    this is so cool man!!!

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