This is what usually my family will have whenever dad brings home those Lovely Durians! We will have it together with plain white rice and this simple combination is enough to be a great meal!


~You just couldn’t resist to smile when you see Liu-Lian!~

(Though it looks like *Ahemp* as well.. haha..)

The Hand who has  always been  providing to our family,

He is the one who will take up the tough job when nobody will,

When we are troubled, puzzled or lost,

He will be there to lift us up and enlighten us,

He is the Pillar of my family,

Without Him my family would have fall apart.

(Thanks Dad!)

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2 Responses to DuRiaNs!

  1. Delphina says:

    i miss durian a lot too… wonder when can i have a taste of it… wakaka~

  2. Ee Ling says:

    I like the part you wrote about your your dad… the picture and what you described about him is so reflective 🙂

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