Apollo Morning Market

I have been living in this neighborhood for 20 years till i go to Kuala Lumpur to study. It’s a famous local morning market where it sells practically everything from all kinds of meat and vege, different types of local delicacies, fruits and daily appliances as well. It is a very vibrant place in the morning where all the actions is going on with literally hundreds of housewives flocking in to “shop”.

One fine day during my study week where i went back home to “study” (more of relax actually), my friend whom also happen to be in photography called me up and ask me along to do a photo shoot in the market, i immediately said yes! And what happen next… i have tons of fun shooting there and we basically made kind of stir there! Lol.. All the Uncle Aunties keep asking us whether are we reporter and some ask us are we students. Most of them are quite friendly and funny as well! Like em! Some even ask me to come back the next day after they have apply their make up on! How cute! haha..

I really find it interesting to shoot in the market and capturing the energy flowing through by the people. Since i am in photography, many things which have been around me for years suddenly seems to be very interesting and refreshing as i often never observe it carefully and take it for granted. Photography has taught me to be observant and appreciate all the things, places, people and moment around me. It helps in sharpen my senses. The obvious example is shooting in this market where it has been in my neighborhood for yearsSS…

I have never intended to shoot it in BnW initially during the photo shoot. It is after during post processing that i thought giving it a try to convert the photos into Bnw. So i actually did not see it in BnW when capturing those photos. I was just kind of experimenting with it. But surprisingly i found that the photos have more “life” and tell better stories when it’s in BnW. It helps us to focus on the subject alone and not distracted by all the other elements that may not be relevant to the photo. I find it to be kind of amusing and i was kind of skeptical at first in converting it in BnW for fear that we couldn’t see the real colour. I’m still no where near good in doing Bnw and see it Bnw. Long way to learn though. Hope you enjoy 🙂













# 13










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4 Responses to Apollo Morning Market

  1. Delphina says:

    i like #17, it’s so special n cute^^ never seen any sign board/ advertisement board like dat.

  2. Seawind says:

    The gal at the 20th photo seems… Hehe.. N the roti canai aunty seems fierce wei.. However, it is all these that content the pic.. Nice 1 bro..

    • N-DreW says:

      Lol… just to clarify, the girl is not winking at me! though i hope she does… haha.. She is actually facing her back demonstrating her hair pin to the customers and when she turns back i just manage to capture that.. So….it’s illusion! Lol..

      Anyway, thanks for dropping by bro and glad you like it 🙂

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