Mom and her Lovely Sunday School Kids!

I would like to dedicate this album to my MOM.

She has been serving in the Sunday School for many years as a Teacher for the little kids..

It’s not an easy task to take care and teach all these children as some of them even barely could write and read..

But due to her perseverance, dedication, love for the kids and of course the love for God

She continues year after year without fail, putting a lot of effort in the preparation and give her best to nurture the kids and help them grow in their footstep with Christ..

All the LoveCareDedicationPerseveranceHardworkLonging to serve and an Unselfish Heart for the Kids that She has…

It is one Great substance that has help keep Inspire, Motivate and Encourage me to continue to serve the Lord!

May the Lord richly Bless her in her ministry to serve in the Sunday School!

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6 Responses to Mom and her Lovely Sunday School Kids!

  1. PriscillaLim says:

    In pic IM6387 , the green shirt kids pic very nice~
    like the advertisement effect.Never see that kids before tho…
    Like auntie warm and lovely smile in img6373 …
    Great job bro~
    Indeed, auntie has been serving the Lord wholeheartedly and quietly…
    She had bring up so many kids tat love the Lord.
    Pray that she will continue to persevere and serve the Lord until His return.

    • N-DreW says:

      Hey sis… Thx for dropping comment over here. Great to see u responded here..

      Yah, that is a very photogenic kid, he can be a very good commercial model! He is a very handsome and beautiful kid! I personally love that photo a lot a well.

      I guess it’s because she truly have joy serving, and smile from the bottom of her heart.

      I will show ur comment to her… Thx for the encouragement sis.. 🙂

  2. PriscillaLim says:

    yo~u make me feel embarrassing leh…
    She feel blessed for having u guys as her children,
    u guys as her encouragement is already more than enough d….
    Wei~~Please don’t la….i will pai seh 1…=P

  3. PriscillaLim says:

    * sorry, sentence too scramble d… i mean u guys are the source of her energy and encouragement…
    Wei~!!!!!Andrew Lee ya…later i will kick u ah!!!a hard 1!!!

  4. Delphina says:

    they’re really wonderful… both the dedication and the pictures. ^^

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