Shanghai-Jiang Nan Global Outreach Programme Feb’2011

Finally and Thanks GOD that this GOP thingy has come to an end! Very tiring trip… Below are the feedback that i wrote back to my travel agent as she requested so. It is also roughly the summary of how i feel about the trip:

“Dear Lim,

 Overally the trip is consider ok.
The accomodation provided is quite ok. The hotel 1st day is the best while the rest is just ok. Typicall 3 stars hotel. Many of my friends are complaining that the air-conditioner is not working well resulted in feeling cold. Breakfast in hotel is not that ok as it may not suits our taste well.
The meals provided during this whole trip is quite good actually. We are being served a lot of food till we couldn’t manage to finish it all. But most left over food are vege. Guess vege there is very cheap. The buffet lunch last day in the rotating restaurant is truly a joy and the most enjoyable one.
The coach and the driver is ok. The tour guide that accompany us for the whole trip is just ok. Not to say very friendly and helpful. But not bad. At least he knew malaysia quite well as he stayed in mlysia 2years before. And he could speak cantonese, so we feel a little bit more approachable.
The local tour guide wise… we are not that satisfied. But we understand why. If i could choose again, i would rather spend another 300~400 more, or whatever it takes just to be excused of all the shopping stops. That is the time where i feel most unendurable, restless and helpless. Each stopping stops is like a sales talk. They have been very forceful. When you didn’t buy anything, they make you feel like you’ve committed crime. After each sales session, you still have to get back to the local tour guide’s attitude. As if why he/she should bother us that much since we didn’t support them by buying things. I know we will be having shopping stops, but i did not expect it to be such a mental tiring session. I thought they will just dropped us at a place for an hour to let us shop, but that is not the case. They put us in a room, presented their sales talk, then bring out all their product and ask us how many do we want. As if they don’t mean to open the door and let us go if we didn’t get anything from them.
Another thing was, some of the local tour guide don’t really feel like bringing us to visit places. What they think all about is to bring us to the shopping stop. The local tour guide in Nanjing has been very rude. There’s one night where a group of us are late 5mins to gather on the decided spot, she pointed at us and scolded us! I mean what is this?! No matter what, we are still customer. It’s not that we are late for half and hour or an hour. That incident really get back on my toe. If it’s not because i do not wish to spoil the travel mood of my teammate and that we still have to face the local tour guide the next morning, i would seriously get back on her Hard! When we visit the tourist spot, she rushes us hard to get back on bus by giving us very limited time. But when we are in the shopping stops, she did whatever that is possible to retain us longer there. 
I understand that they gain through the shopping sales, but don’t be too obvious and so pushy. I understand why they reacted so, but yet at times it is still extremely unpleasant.
All and all, besides the shopping stops it is still considering quite a satisfying and smooth sailing trip. Food and accomodation wise is indeed not bad. Thanks for everything.
Best Regards,
Andrew “
I guess i still need a very long time to finish sorting all my Shanghai Trip Photos as i still haven’t even finish processing my HongKong Photos yet as of writting this post now!
After came back from the trip, i couldn’t just take my own sweet time to process all my photos.. as i’ve piles of assigments and test coming just around the corner!! Arghh!! I wish time could just stop for a moment!!
But i would really want to thanks GOD that HE has granted us a safe journey mercy throughout our trip. Everybody is safe and sound, that’s the most important thing. Praise the Lord for that!
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