Hong Kong – Day 2

Yeah it’s Day 2!! The real beginning of my Exploration in Hong Kong! We are being late than the schedule we have planned because we woke up late!! Let me take you through the brief itinerary of the day first:

Wong Tai Sin Temple – Mongkok (Sai Yong Choi street, Tong Choi street, Fa Yuen street, Gold Fish market) – Tsim Sha Tsui (Revenue of Star, Symphony of lights, The Harbour City, Heritage 1881, Nathan Road) – Tsuen Wan (supper and home).


 What a nice way to start the day har! This is a bowl of “Tong Shui” – dessert cooked by PoPo! It tasted very nice especially with an egg inside, feel warm after drinking it 🙂

 As i wake up earlier, i get to drink the TongShui but not shin yi. So i accompany her to a restaurant near by to have her breakfast. This is a very typical HongKong style restaurant with typical HK Breakfast.

 She ordered a bowl of Porridge and continue her study again… Feel sad for her.. haha..

I’m not having breakfast as i’m full due to the TongShui i ate just now, so i decided to take a walk in the Park just right opposite the restaurant while she is eating.

It’s name is “德华公园” – Tak Hua Park. It’s interesting to see such a beatiful park situated in the middle of a city and surrounded by tall buildings.

 A very nice park with Waterfall in it! Calm and serenity is what this park has bring to the bustling city.

 Some Old Folks doing some morning exercises.

Saw a fella putting down all his bag and umbrella, then started doing some “weird” exercises! 

 Just like what i have seen in HK movie, where a bunch of Old Folks gather in the park and play some Chess! Cool!

 Um-bre-lla, e-e-ella Vending Machine?? Never seen in Mlysia before, Interesting….

 After the breakfast, i met up wif shin yi again and we head towards our First Destination of the Day – 黄大仙庙 (Wong Tai Sin Temple)!

 This is a very famous temple in HK. Flocks of people coming in everyday. This is a place where they practically pray for everything and to search for some hope.

However, i’ve almost suffocated in there due to all the smoke from the joss sticks.

 “皆大欢喜” – May everybody be happy.

 They will bring different types of fruit or food for offering.

It is written:” Only member can go in and worship”….?? That means people have to register as a member before going in to worhsip??

 We went deeper into the temple where there is a nice park in it. We are required to give 2 HKD of donation to enter the park. Nothing much in it actually, we just have some walk and enjoy the cooling air.

 “Caution, Wet Floor”!! Haha..

 As we continue walking, we came to this place where there is a row of stalls full with Fortune Tellers! See that Uncle busy explaining to that lady what’s her fade and future looks like! May be they are asking about marriage?? Hee..

 This poor Uncle has no customer, so he stared at me and i captured him! Hee…


Then we come to a place where they sell a lot of accesories? I also don’t know what they are… I guess it’s something that you can hang on your bag, in any corner of your house or anywhere else for Luck and Goodness.

I think this is the paper where they will draw and have their fade be interpreted by the Fortune Teller.


Saw a very “Stylish” dude throwing his cigarrate into the dustbin. 

 I think she is trying to sense the presence of “黄大仙“….

 A guy trying to put up a Huge Billboard looking thgy…

 After finish visiting Wong Tai Sin Temple, we went to the Goldfish Market in MongKok! It is basically a street with all the shops selling many different types of fish!

 Cute little Puffy Fish!

 Can anybody tell me what are those?! They look like some Alien Experiment’s Species!

Then we continue walking to Fa Yuen Street that sells lots of stuff – Cloths, accesories, you name it and it’s there!

We started shopping… I mean she.. haha.. 

 Bought a pair of Glove here that cost ~10 HKD.

We come across a place where they sell all types of fruits. 

 After some walking and shopping, our stomach finally call on us. we stop by a restaurant for lunch.

 The restaurant is said to be famous with it’s Super Spicy Fish Ball. So we ordered 10 Super Spicy & 10 plain Fish Ball.

It’s indeed Super Spicy! But at the same time i gotta tell you, that is also probably the worst Fish Ball i’ve ever tasted! The fishball is very tough and not springy at all, unlike what i’ve eat in Mlysia.

 We’ve also ordered a bowl of Fresh Shrimp Wantan Noodle. The Wantan is really nicely filled with one Big fresh prawn in it! The filling of the Wantan and it’s skin are also very well made! Soup and noodle wise is just So So… 

 We walked across Argyle Street. No matter which part of HK you are in, it’s packed with people! You can always see a few hundreds people walking across the street and they walk in a very fast pace as if they are rushing for toilets across!

And of course in HK, you can see Contruction Site everywhere. It shows that they are constantly maintaining and improving their cities unlike the “LaLat Land” that im staying in. 

 While i’m doing my research on what Mongkok has to offer, this MongKoK Computer Centre came into list. So we walked in and have  look. It’s basically just like Lowyat selling all types of Computer accesories and Cameras as well, except that it has smaller space. I actually prefer to shop at Lowyat compared to here as it has bigger space and more comfortable to shop. The prices doesn’t seems to be any cheaper than Malaysia too.

We continue to walk along Fa Yuen Street. As you can see on the Photos above, there are many ladies holiding this portable billboard to promote their business and try to pull you over to their place. Competition is fierce considering the amount of people trying to do business there. After all, It’s HK

Actually part of this Fa Yuen Street looks very similar to the Petaling Street in Malaysia. 

I just ventured myself into the world of DSLR and i’m a Photography Enthusiast. Of course how can i miss to pay a visit to the famous camera shop in HK,Mongkok?! This “Wing Shing Photo Supplies.Co” came up to be one of the top camera shops in HK as recommended by many people on the net. It has another branch just a few streets behind. It’s a very comprehensive camera store with almost all wide range of photographic supplies could be found there.

I bought myself a Very Nice Camera Strap and another one for my Future Sis-in-Law! Haha..

 As it is almost dawn, we head towards Tsim Sha Tsui from MongKok. I really like their MRT Station. It’s clean, spacious, organized and efficient! Similar to Singapore… But not the LaLat Land i stay in.

 One thing Singapore still have to catch up with HK is the Impressive Network of Subway HK has built! Once you arrived at any station, the Sign Board clearly provides direction to all the popular places that you want to go by indicating which Exits you should take. This really make tourist like me very convenient and easy to travel around!

 Well, finally we arrived at Tsim Sha Tsui Harbour Front! Saw a Famous and Beautiful Classic Boat.

 Here it is – The Famous Avenue of Stars! Along the street that you can see on the picture above, lays all the famous celebrity names and some with their Palm printed on the ground. But 9 out of 10 of all the names, i don’t know who are they! Hee..

 A very nice view over there, but at the same time…. It’s Freezing over there and i’m just wearing a simple Jacket!

 Hey this Mui Mui – little girl very Ham Sap la! Go touch people punya Buttock! Haha…

 HELLO??! What are you saying la Dei?!!

 This is the Panoramic Shots that i took – stitch up using 14 continuos photos. The stitch work is far from good as i do not have the proper software to do so, and i Do Not have a Tripod for it!! You may click on it for a Better view.

 The Night View from Tsim Sha Tsui Victoria Harbour is simply Amazing! Look at those Sky Scrapper lid up with Millions of Lights!

 While waiting for the Symphony of Lights to begin, we planned to visit HongKong Cultural Centre and Space Museum.. But sadly Both also Closed! So i just took some photos of the artwork displayed outside.

 We walked along Salisbury Road, behind it is where the Revenue of Stars is.

 Then we stop by at the Food Court of SoGo (a shopping mall) to have our dinner while waiting for the Symphony of Lights to start at 8p.m.

We ordered from a Japanese Stall. Mine is on the left and shin yi’s one is on the right. The Pancake thgy of mine is really nice! Shin yi’s one is just like the Japanese version of Nasi Pattaya.

 Time is up and we head back to witness the Breath-Taking Symphomy of Lights! The One and Only kind in the World! It starts at 8.00p.m sharp everynight and it’s admission is free!

A Symphony of Lights” has been awarded the world’s “Largest Permanent Light and Sound Show” by Guinness World Records. This nightly spectacle combines interactive lights of 44 key buildings on both Hong Kong Island and Kowloon with musical effects to showcase the vibrancy and glamorous night vista of Victoria Harbour.

 Hong Kong Space Museum and The Historical Clock Tower – located along Salisbury Road.

 After finish watching the show, we walked to the Habour City– a very high class shopping mall with all kinds of shop that i’ve never seen before. It’s situated just right besides the Star Ferry habour.

 After that, while we are trying to walk along nathan road, we found this 1881 HERITAGE in Canton Road. As HK is used to be the colony of British Empire, so a lot of its building and its architecture is heavily influenced by it. As you can see in the picture, it is a very classic British style building which i really like it. You can find a lot of similar buildings in Penang too.

 It’s a very nice and classic place as you could see from the photos.

 It’s so nice till people have their wedding photos taken there.

 On top of this building is a Big Tree.. Interesting.

 Then we continue to take a walk along Nathan Road – the main road.

 They really have a very long queue for the bus.

 It’s a very long street fill with lots of shops and business centre. Their streets are quite clean, wide and organized, feel very comfortable to walk around.

 One thing i really love about HK is they made everything easy for tourist to travel around the city, you will never be afraid of getting lost! The signboard is everywhere and it’s written very clearly with direction provided. Most of the places that you ought to travel is on the signboard, and it is there once you step out of the subway. I have never been worried of getting lost at all!

 After all the walking, we head back to Tsuen Wan to have supper before heading back to our place. We stopped by this Dumpling Restaurant name “八方云集“.

 We ordered the Restaurant signature Pork Dumpling. Taste not bad but a little bit too oily.

 We also tried the Golden Curry Dumpling. Interesting flavour.

This is a nice cup of drink. Very thick in flavour. It’s a kind of Fruit’s drink.

Above is the Catalog and the receipt of our food. The whole meal cost us HKD 31. After filling our hungry stomach, we head back and have some rest before continuing our next day of Adventure!! zzZ…..

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4 Responses to Hong Kong – Day 2

  1. Eric says:

    It’s fun man! Just by reading your blogs i can feel that im in HK experiencing the same thing as what you wrote! xD The picture is nice as well!! Guess you must be spending several hours to compose the blogs and filtered the pictures! well done!! =)

    • N-DreW says:

      Thanks bro! Really appreciate your feedback. It’s indeed my honour! Glad that you enjoyed it… Several hours?? I spend a few weeks!! haha… From sorting and choosing which photo to be uploaded, editing the photo, uploaded it in the blog and composing it! Lol… Mayb im slow.. haha..

  2. Bokuranoyume says:

    Long time no see…
    OMG you started a blog… and nice thing you have..
    Keep going…
    Will come over sometimes… Enjoy writing your life here!!!

    • N-DreW says:

      Hey! It’s been ages din see u d! Lol..

      Wats wrong wif me havin a Blog? Lol.. I hv started it yrs ago d.. It’s jz i changed a new blog. hee..

      Tk care bro n do keep in touch la 🙂

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