Valentine’s Day should be redefined!

Whenever people think of Valentine’s Day, it’s about BGR (boy girl relationshiop), couple, girlfriend/boyfriend that come to their mind first.

People always complaining of being bored, desperate, sad, no mood and whatsoever just because they don’t have a “partner” to share the night of Valentine’s Day!

But hey! There isn’t just one type of relationship is this world right?! There’s still our family, friends and GOD! Valentine’s Day is a day full with celebration of love! We have so many types of love and it’s not just about Romance and Couple – Eros Love ( erotic love/ romance)!

We still have Philos Love – Brotherly/Sisterly Love! Love for your friends and family members!

We also have the Greatest Love of all – Agape Love which is the Unconditional Love! A love that is self-less and uncomprehendable! Just Like the Love of Jesus! He died for us not because we worth it or we have done something good. He died for us just because He loves us as who we are despite us being sinners! Just like our earthly parents, they are willing to give everything for us even tho we may not appreciate it, even tho we might be a very rebelious child, even tho we may hurt them badly! Not because of our Good result or success in career… but just simply because we are their children!!

SEE!! There are so many Love one that we love and love us! So Stop Whining like a baby saying that you don’t have accompany during Valentine’s Day! You still have your lovely family and friends to care about!! Did you ever approach them during Valentine’s Day??!

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