Hong Kong – Day 1

Finally!! I got a chance to do a backpacking travel to Hong Kong with with one of my friend. Her grandparents stay there, so we practically get to stay free, and it saves us a Ton of $$$! As you know, accomodation in HK is very expensive! It’s a 9 days journey and i had lots of fun there! I took 40.5Gbs of fotos but i can’t show it all here! Haha… So let me start taking you together with me back to time, to my Journey of Hong Kong!

 My friend – shin yi has to pass up her assignments and complete a test online during the mid of our trip, so even while waiting at the airport she has to study. Poor fella… haha..

Really love the Clear Blue cloudy sky! It shows how wonderful God”s creation are! And also the first Sunset taken on the plane… It’s just plane breathtaking and i’m marvel at the beautiful sight.

 As we didn’t have our dinner onboard, so by the time we arrived at HK aiport around 7 p.m… We have already been starving! So we went in to this bakery shop named “Maxim’s Deluxe” to check out what it has to offer. My friend told me it’s a very famous bakery shop and it has lots of franchise across HK.

Now i understand why she said so! The Polo Bun that i bought (around HKD 5) is just Mamamiya!! Its taste texture is similar to Mexico Bun, but this Polo Bun has filling inside and it’s Char Siew!!

After that, we went to the bus station to catch a bus to Tsuen Wan as shin yi’s granparents stay there. The journey is around 50mins and it costs us HKD 17.8.

Oh.. forgotten to mention about this Octopus Card. This is a must have if you wish to travel around HK, it makes your life so much easier without having to wrestle with your coins! It’s an electronic card that you could store an amount of money in it and use it in almost every public transport in HK – MRT, Buses and you could even use it to pay for your goods at certain shops. It’s just like Malaysia’s version of Touch N Go (but more efficiently and effectively utilized).

After some time, Our bus – A31 arrived. All buses in HK are Double Decker.

A self capture in the bus 🙂

 After arriving at shin yi’s granma house, after some greeting and hugging (shin yi with her granparents of course…), her granma – Popo (cantonese version of “granma”) bring us to a nice restaurant near by to have a proper dinner. She is a very lovely and caring lady.

 Hmmm…what should i order for this two kids har…

 First dish served is a bowl of Pork Rib’s soup. The soup is strongly flavoured due to the long hour of boiling and cooking of that pork rib. One of the best soup i have tested!

 Next dish, my favourite “Gu lou yok“! It’s pork with sweet and sour source.. Lovely!


 I got to say that Hong Kong fella have very big appetite! That’s a very big bowl of rice and all the dishes is in very big portion too!

Even Hong Kong Vege taste nicer! Serious! Their veges are bigger, fresher and of course taste better than those ordinary vege in Malaysia.

The last dish – Pepper Beef. It tastes not bad but the meat is quite tough.

We ended our meal with a cup of Milk Tea. This is a Very full and satisfying dinner i would say. Thanks to popo’s generosity for paying the bill.

Then we head back to popo’s apartment.

We decided to go to McDonald near by to check on it’s wireless service. She stops by a store on the way to buy a bottle of Chinese Medicine Herb’s Tea due to her soar throat.

Well, my first ever visit to McD oversea! All the waiters and waitresses have a very nice and unique hat on them. I wish to try it’s pork burger as i’ll never get to have it in Malaysia! But i’m so full after the dinner just now, so i just skip it. I just bought a cup of drink for its wireless service.

Shame on HK McD!! We are only allowed to use 20mins of wireless service per login a day! In Malaysia, we have unlimited wireless access! Malaysia finally gets to score a point here… hee..

Yours truly enjoying his first cup of oversea Coke.. Lol..

Ended Day 1 with a beautiful flower for all of you 🙂

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5 Responses to Hong Kong – Day 1

  1. Priscilla Lim says:

    haha…my sis and me like ur phase – In Malaysia, we have unlimited wireless access! Malaysia finally gets to score a point here….
    wei~!how come i look fat in all ur photo?

  2. Priscilla Lim says:

    u will never had the chance to see me in Australian size anymore….
    Next year when u see get to see me, i will be slim again~!!!!

  3. zeenwei says:

    ehhh. i baru tau you have a new blog.

    next time going anytime please jio me also lar. XD

  4. Priscilla Lim says:

    now only i found a mistake in ur article!!!!
    i’m having cough not sorethroat!!!
    wei, ur pace is really slow…………
    when are u going to upload the next?
    i can’t wait to see the photos!!!!

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