CNY Decoration and Preparation

Just sharing some of the very creative and amazing art craft and decoration that my mom has put up in my Sweet Home 🙂


(May your CNY filled with Hope, Faith and lots of Love)


(Hmm…bunga apa ni? Bunga palsu la! haha..)


(There are Eight rabbits all together. The Two Big rabbits represents my parents. Six little rabbits represent Amy,Weng Soon, Alvin, Shi Yi, Andrew and Ann! My mom made it and it’s so thoughtful of her! Make me feel very warm everytime i look at it :))


(May all my family members stay as Beautiful as the flower beside :))


(The Master is at work)


(A Cute way to welcome every guest to my house :))


(May Happiness and Joy always visit this rumah “51”! Thx God for i noe HE has alwaz been providin Joy to my Home!)


(Year Year got Fish!)


(Again.. These 8 fishes represents my family with 2 Big fishes as my parents and others as their kids! XD)


(May all of you prosper in every aspect of your life!!)


(Welcoming Goodness to my House! Haha..)


(My mom’s Master Piece :))


(This computer has been formatted N-times already!! So i think “he” needs some happiness too! Lol.. XD)

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2 Responses to CNY Decoration and Preparation

  1. ~aMyLeE~ says:

    I love this post!!! Too bad don’t have “like” button here. =p
    Thanks mum for all your masterpiece that brings the CNY atmosphere into our home.

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