GOP – An ingredient for a Miserable life!

This GOP (Global Outreach Programme) thingy has really make my life a miserable one. Starting from last sem till this sem, it never fails to disappoint, irritate and annoyed me!

First, it is when people are signing up for the GOP. After collecting the form, it is found that 27 people signed up for Australia trip. Best thing was, after me and my programme advisor have been working very hard to contact the Universities and get reali frustrating with it, after i have tried my very best to get the cheapest quotation for them….. Suddenly a cheap China package came up, and guess what?? Doomed!! All of them just Cabut!! They just pulled out of the Australia trip without even bother to notify me and joined the China trip…. Only left four of my friend including me that would want to join. 

It devastated me completely after knowing that what i have been working on for more than 2 months gone in vain! After spending a weekend at home, it cooled me down. I say to myself i will not give up so easily! So i changed my strategy and organized another China Trip instead since budget is their main concern.

So i tried to approach a group of my juniors and persuade them to join, we can’t just go with four right?! But then i failed too… They wanted to go Taiwan. Then i approached another group of my juniors, gratefully there are 15 of them signed up for it and surprisingly there are also 15 seniors of my batch wanted to join too.

When i think everything should go be fine from now on, suddenly 15 of the juniors want to be out. Well, it’s reasonable for them to do so as 15 of them are Muslims, so it’s kinda difficult regarding food wise. I’m not being considerate enough on this aspect as well.

Well, since i already have 16 people altogether (including me and my lecturer advisor), it’s enough for me to move on. Within days, i have already prepared the proposal and pass it up. They proposal has to be sent to Skudai from Kuala Lumpur.

Guess what now, after more than 2 weeks, they checked and told me that Skudai International Office didn’t even receive our proposal!!!  Problem and concern now is the longer i wait, the slower i can confirm with the tour agent and also to take advantage on the low fare that Airasia is having at that moment.

So i resubmit my proposal and pray that this time it will be “REALLY” fine. Guess what again??! Haha.. i got to laugh myself too.. One day, there is this lady calling from Skudai asking me why am i sending two copy of proposal to them??! WHAT?? I was like kinda blur.. cause i have been told that they lost my first proposal! Now they ask me back why am i sending two copy of proposal??!! What is Happening??! Funny right? Yah…life is funny at times…….

Waited a few weeks later….. FINALLY, it has been approved! HUH… you have no idea how relieved i was when i heard that news.

Now just when I thought that everything should went well from here on, problems occur again!!

After more than 2 months since the proposal has been approved, we still haven’t get our fund that we should be getting! It’s a total of RM15K! The real problem is my dad has kindly help us to pay for the flight ticket first using credit card during November (as AirAsia is having low fare and our fund is not with us yet )and it’s a total of RM14K! Imagine the Interest that is running! Imagine if we were only get to buy the flight ticket after the fund reaches my hand?!!

We are going on 23rd Feb 2011 and the Pejabat of Bendahari said that the cheque MIGHT be ready on 10th Feb. Less than two weeks to give us the fund??! The flight tickets will cost us a BOMB if we only buy it 2 weeks before the trip!

As of writing this article, I still haven’t received the fund yet! You be my judge, how else one would not feel annoyed and disappointed after going through all those misfortune occurrences! My life span might be cut short by all these!! Huh…

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