Chinese New Year….

Gong Xi… Gong Xi… Gong Xi ni ya.. Gong Xi Gong Xi Gong Xi ni! GONG XI FA CAI! (Congratulation to you and may you prosper-weath wise)

Well, that is the typical wishes that chinese would say to each other during the once in a year Chinese New Year (CNY).

CNY have always been associated to weath, prosperityand luck. It has also been heavily commercialized and flooded/toxicated with the idea/concept that we must have everything new as this is NEW year right.. New Shoes, new shirts, new house, new car, new girl friend, new… Opps… pardon on the girlfriend part.. hee.. So much so that it has been planted deep down our sub-conscious till the point that if we didn’t do so, we feel like something incomplete, insecure or lacking. It has somehow became a social norm, a culture or….a habit.

I still remember when i was young, one of the best part before CNY is we get to buy new shirts! And that somehow appeals to be very exciting for us as my mom will be buying us new cloths. Not to mention the second great is… FOOD of course! And the most exciting of all………… we get to play FIRECRACKERS!!! Well, not now anymore as it has been prohibited by the government.

As i grow older and as time evolved, i realize that my concept and perception towards CNY has greatly changed compared to the N-DreW back then. Now CNY is no more about New cloths, food or even Firecrackers. I don’t bother of buying new cloths just because CNY is around the corner anymore, i buy when i feel like i wanted or needed to.

“Hey dei!! Are you in your right mind ar??  If it is without new cloths, food and firecracker, then why are we having CNY??! No POINT already la!”

Some of you may have think so, but not to me anymore.

To me the greatest and most significant value brought forward by CNY is the the idea of RE-UNION. Out of all the Ding-Dang yielded by CNY, i really appreciate that it has cultivated a very meaningful culture which is so deeply rooted in every chinese, and which in my own opinion, is the true and most valuable essence of CNY RE-UNION.

Every CNY eve, regardless of whether near or far, all relatives will make an effort to gather at my granparent’s house. Well, at least in my case they are. I understand that many families may not embrace this beautiful culture as well, that’s why i’m really grateful that my family adopted that-be it extended or immediate family.

In short, Gathering + Fellowship + Togetherness + Bonding is what i think CNY is all about!

So, when you are busying shopping for your new cloths, searching for the best food, or indulging in the “Traditional Gambling Activities”…. Take some time and slow down your pace, pondering on what CNY is really all about. Think about your family and treasure everytime that you have with them while you still can…… OR when they are still able.

All in all, Wish all of you a Blessed and Meaningful Chinese New Year!

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