New Year Resolution??

Every beginning of the year, we often wondering what’s the “Resolution” for this New Year? What’s our goal or target to hit in this 2011? What are we going to do and achieve? A list of such questions came by, and of course followed by a long list of answers to it.

I remember back in the days where im still in Butterworth Gospel Hall youth, we did it every beggining of the year. Writing down our New Year Resolution in a piece of paper and have it decorated, folded and glued. Then promising to achieve it and have it checked at the end of the year.

Now here comes the interesting part. As far as i concerned, I don’t remember open it up again during the end of the year and have it checked. What’s more, i don’t think i even remember i have written such a thing! Of course, untill the next year where we write another New Year Resolution again, then i began to realize that yes, i did wrote something similar last year!

What an ironic right??! Till some point, i feel that im even a hyprocrite! Written it with so much enthusiasm, energy and faith that i’ll be achieving it, even prayed for it… But what happen after months? Or weeks? Or even Days?? I tend to forgot that i have such a mission to carry, that i’ve pledged myself in achieving all that! What a SHAME right ?!!

And this really get me thinking… Why am i so weak? Why am i so inconsistent? What am i lacking of? Self-Discipline? Or this is a common norm for everybody else? A human nature that have long been planted deep down inside each and everyone of us??

Then i start knocking on my head and say to myself:” Hey Mr.N-DreW!! Apa lu buat ni?? (What are you doing??) Please la dei, how old are you already?? How long do you still want to keep going like that?? Being inconsistent and easily swayed?? Aren’t you feel sick and tired of it?? You still wanna indulge yourselve in your own little fantasy and wonderland?? C’mon la dei!! ”

And i answered back to myself : ” Alright!! ENOUGH!! I can’t keep going like this! I’ve a mission to carry and i’m being responsible of that! How can i take it so lightly??! As i know very clearly that ONE fine day i’ll have to face it! And whatever that i do now affects the after.. and it’s something REAL and SERIOUS!! ”


Will Mr.N-DreW step out from his comfort zone once a gain? Will he stil indulge in his own wonderland? Will he start moving, walking, running and sprinting?? Will he starts to ROCK and SHAKE his own life for the sake of the people around him?? And Most importantly….for GOD??



*HE BETTER!!!!!!!*

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